Hello, my name is Guilherme and I’m a designer from Brazil. For the past 10 or so years I’ve been working with several different things and for lots of great companies and clients. I have a true passion for design and I believe that learning new things is the most important thing in life (specially for a designer). As a designer I try to connect the things I learn to deliver a better work.

Every designer has it’s own way to see the world and the beauty of this profession is that we can actually reinvent ourselves everyday by working with all sorts of people. Engineers, sales people, journalists, musicians, accountants, petshop owners… it doesn’t matter. We can learn from them and expand and enrich our work continuously.

I consider myself as a work in progress but my main area of expertise is digital design. I’ve been working as an interaction designer and also as a product manager at ContaAzul developing mobile applications. It’s super challenging and also super rewarding to be able to lead a team of talented people to build a great product.

Other areas I love and practice are: icon design, illustration, front-end development, agile methodologies (specially focused on lean UX), mobile design and motion graphics.

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